Agency Profile

Victorian Institute of Education

Sydney, Australia


Welcome to the Victorian Institute of Education (VIE), a prestigious Vocational Education and Training Institute in Sydney, dedicated to offering a wide range of study options for those looking to Study in Australia. Our comprehensive courses, including Child Care Specialist and Early Childhood Education Specialist programs, cater to various disciplines and industries. At VIE, our expert educators, cutting-edge facilities, and nurturing learning environment ensure that students acquire the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen careers. As a primary support for those seeking to Study in Australia, VIE is committed to providing exceptional vocational training in Sydney, with a particular focus on nurturing the next generation of Child Care and Early Childhood Education Specialists. By offering a diverse array of opportunities, we empower students to achieve their professional goals and embark on a journey toward a fulfilling and successful future in their desired fields.

Sponsorship in June 2023