Agency Profile

Wanderland Marketing Agency Inc.

Toronto, Canada


Wanderland Agency was founded with the idea of marrying design and strategy by providing catered and focused digital solutions to companies of any size. You want some skin in the digital game? Or trying to optimize your current digital initiatives, we're here help you execute and get results.

With a specialisation in branding, strategy, design, web, content and digital, we've built an ecosystem of services that will launch your business forward, no matter the industry.

We are a team of forward thinking creative explorers based out of Toronto with a passion for storytelling. We believe that by creating immersive visual content, mixed with an elaborate yet simple strategy, your brand will shine in what is already a very noisy digital world.

At Wanderland, we believe that partnerships are key to creating long lasting and growing relationships, which is why we refuse to take on any project before offering a free consultation to help you and us identify the true pain points and opportunities of your business.

Together, let's define your story and tell it to the world.

Sponsorship in August 2022