Agency Profile


We are a team of specialists in IT sphere. Using our experience and knowledge we assist our clients in solving complicated tasks connected with development of web-products. The company was set up by one person, working remotely, in January 2017 offering programming services with a legal address in Bialystok, Poland (Hetmanska Str., 25). In the course of time the company showed some growth. Due to this fact, it became possible to provide software development services to a larger number of product companies. Dear Customers! So why should you choose us among multitudes of various IT companies? For several reasons: * we are constantly improving the quality of our services, this is achieved by code review, sharing knowledge and experience and by development and growth of our developers; * we are giving most maximum realistic terms considering risks and try to meet them which is possible thanks to the experience of evaluations and principles of mutual help in dealing with complex non-standard tasks; * we are focusing on providing services in the areas where we have expertise in order to give our clients not only just what they need but even more than that. The service we offer is our help in creating web-products. Dear Friends Programmers! Weband is not only a company offering appointed programmers or a team for designing your product. But it is also a community of independent specialists each of whom finds here their own interest. After all, IT companies in our time are in big in numbers at the outsourcing market, each seeks to cut their piece of a pie.

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