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Webedia Brasil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Engaging Audiences With Passion
Over 48 million unique visitors within our platforms. Get to know our verticals and our services focused on your brand.

If you're passionate about movies, games, eSport, cooking, glamour and celebrities, innovation, videos, music, health and so many other tech news. You've just connected to the best in these areas.

Here at Webedia, we are experts, developers, advertisers and opinion makers. It's called "our way of being"! Just being a Webedian to have unique experiences, developing in a dynamic culture, multiple platforms, unique projects or have the opportunity to test ideas and make your career a differential.

With an exponential growth since 2007, in the 15 countries with more than 50 sites and applications, which receive more than 177 million unique visitors per month, we know that talent only needs a space to register their own brand and be part of building amazing results.

This is because we believe that a great success story is made by people like you.

Sponsorship in June 2023