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After years of success, a team of professional growth marketers (who also happen to be the masterminds behind KickAssGrowth) founded WeGrowth – an exclusive marketplace for people who have the same motivation. How and where to find a marketer who completely understands the needs of your business is no longer mission impossible.


If you take the easy road, you will surely come across a few obstacles along the way. Startups are not satisfied with their current growth progress, because it is pretty damn hard to find a marketer who fits your niche, is up to date with the latest marketing channels and tactics and is able to achieve good results every month.


Our mere name represents our vision. “We” stands for community, a group of people who came together to solve problems they once had. The “Growth” part defines both our dedication and our essence. We live growth and help startups achieve greatness by matching them with marketers who are the perfect fit for their business.

Sponsorship in April 2021