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Agency Profile

A Willing Participant, Inc.

Chicago, United States


...without the high agency fees.


A Willing Participant is a multi-talented, multi-tasking creative agency based in Chicago.


Experts at telling the right story at the right time with the right tools.


Skilled at making more than something out of sometimes nothing.


Absolute killers when it comes to getting better response.


What is it, exactly, we do?   


- Online and offline design  

- Copywriting for every situation 

- Website builds and UX optimization 

- DRTV/Video production 

- Email campaign development and management 

- Mini-documentaries 

- Content development 

- Newsletter editorial and management 

- SEO audits and implementation 

- Presentation planning and development 

- New business consulting and strategy


Give us a shot and you're sure to be impressed at out time to turnaround and our pricing. Looking forward to creating something great together.

Sponsorship in March 2021