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WishDesk is a web solutions provider with 120+ experienced and diligent experts onboard. Having started as InternetDevels, a Drupal development company, our team has grown up into the true family. With Drudesk and WpressDesk, we have expanded the scope of our services to ensure customers’ success and satisfaction across different issues. Now, we are a full-stack web development company that is ready 24/7 to breathe life into your projects. We deal with the following services: - Drupal support (updates for Drupal core/modules/themes, performing critical tasks, bug fixes, recommendations for Drupal site improvement) - WordPress support (updates for WordPress core/theme/plugin Bug fixes, security & malware scans, uptime monitoring 24/7, recommendations for WordPress site improvement) - DevOps service - Provides dedicated team - Regular web maintenance Start working with us today and make your site work for your business!

Sponsorship in May 2021