Agency Profile

The Write Approach Professional Services

Newmarket, Canada


Established in 2016, The Write Approach Professional Services is a writing consulting business dedicated to providing high quality documents to help clients meet their personal and professional objectives.

We specialize in the following services: - Writing resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for clients at all stages of their careers - Providing interview coaching to help candidates be prepared for important job opportunities - Collaborating with clients to write university/graduate school applications and personal statements - Assisting small businesses with biographies, corporate profiles and LinkedIn profiles - Creating content to engage ideal clients (i.e. writing blogs optimized for SEO) - Editing and writing projects of various size and scope (i.e. sales team training, technical reports) - Reviewing and revising printed and online information for post-secondary courses The Write Approach Professional Services works with clients across Canada and the United States.

Sponsorship in August 2022