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We were founded in 2005 and we have provided powerful, reliable web hosting ever since - all backed by responsive support. Maintaining data center in Bangladesh, USA and Germany. Bangladesh data center is owned and engineered by team XeonBD. We're not saying we are industry leaders, but we are offering the best technology and unsurpassed technical support. Our Products XeonBD creative team offers full range of web services, including web hosting, web design and webwriting, internet marketing and advertising, search engine optimization, lead generation and ecommerce solutions for every stage of the small business lifecycle, make it fast, easy and cost-effective to attract and convert new customers on the web to leading Bangladeshi businesses. Apart from this we also offer desktop solution, network solution. Why we are exceptional in Web Hosting? The best websites need great backing and support. So we go well beyond 'just good enough'​ in everything we do: * Total quality. We build our servers up to a standard, not down to a price. You can rely on the performance and reliability of all our systems. * We suit you. If our comprehensive of-the-shelf options are unsuitable, customise them to fit your needs * Exceptional. We love to go that bit further. For instance, one of our data centres is in an ultra-secure ex-bank vault. Our People Everyone at XeonBD is an expert in the technologies that go with it. However, our people with varied backgrounds, because we believe having a breadth of experience in-house helps us to understand our customers better. We always explain things in plain Bengali and English too. After all, most of our customers are experts in their own business, not in web hosting. (Though if you'd rather talk tech, we can do that as well.)

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