Agency Profile


Our heart beats mainly for owners of micro enterprises and entrepreneurs.

It is mostly the startups that start up as small companies with less than 10 employees and annual sales below 2 million euros. In Germany, the segment of the micro-enterprise has a high priority, as it represents in numerical terms the absolute majority of company forms.

However, they often have neither their own department nor a noteworthy budget for self-marketing. Likewise often lacking the appropriate know-how as well as the time, especially for new founders who are busy with many other things.

For customer acquisition and corporate presentation to the outside but an effective and efficient marketing and appropriate public relations are the alpha and omega. Both for the successful launch and for the continuous awareness of a company PR measures are at least as important as business management factors.

That is why we have tailored our offer so that we can realize an effective external presentation and corporate communication for almost every budget.

Sponsorship in March 2023