Agency Profile


Are you looking forward to amazing event in your life, but not everybody can participate?

You have developed a new product or service that you are excited to share with your clients?

I create high quality videos that capture your life moments or showcase you and what you have to offer in the best light.

How does it work? We get to know each other in person or via Zoom call. Together we clarify your goals, the vision, the mood, the timelines and the technical requirements for the video shoot.

On the day of the shooting, I will take care of everything, all YOU have to do is enjoying the spotlight and just being yourself!

After one week you will receive the first video draft which would be finalized after your feedback.

As a result, you will have a video that deserves sharing and watching over and over again.

Write me on my email and let’s talk!

P.S. The rebranding was done in 2021 and the name was changed from OK-Production to Yavorska

Sponsorship in March 2023