Agency Profile

Zen Digital

North Vancouver, Canada


Zen Digital is a team of industry veterans with deep backgrounds in entrepreneurship, web design, branding, digital and print marketing. Our approach to problem solving is based on the idea that people solve problems, not technology. Smart and creative people will always source the best technology and deliver the best solutions for each project. At Zen Digital, we love a good project with great ideas. We enable them to succeed and flourish. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We put our clients in touch with leaders that can help everyone who is involved in the solutions process to build a sustainable and goal reaching roadmap. Storytelling through print, web, apparel, events, usually starts with a small piece of paper or a digital signature. Seems like a natural place to start, right? Let us help define who you are and the products and services that you live and breathe. From there, the storytelling evolves and we can manage all of your next steps… whether it be signage, an Instagram account, a crowdfunding campaign or product launch.

Sponsorship in April 2023