The objective of our directory is to connect service seeker and provider with each other so that user get the benefit of increasing their site ranking and enhance their business. The users have to follow some terms and conditions.

Eligibility for using the site

People who want to use the site must be of 18 years or above. They will also have the right to post reviews.

The site is evolving

We have full rights of modifying or remove agency profile from our database any time without any notice.


The products and services available on our website like text, offers, videos, images, user reviews etc. belongs to or the third party that provides us the content. We possess all the rights of the content in our website and protect it by copyright and trademark laws. The visitors of the site are not allowed to download, reproduce, create derivative, reproduce, transmit, sell, distribute the content. Besides these, none of the visitors is allowed to exploit the site in any way. Users are also not allowed to use product reviews, ratings posted by us or by other users and if they want to do so, they need a written permission from us.

Users are also not allowed to use logos, service marks, trademarks, and other identifiers on and its affiliates without permission, which include employees, independent contractors, licensors, and providers.

Public Communication

Users can use the to use email notifications, newsletters, chartroom, message boards, etc but the content that the users provide is at their own responsibility. The users are also responsible for the materials they add to the site. When a user posts anything on the site, they give the right top to display, modify, edit or delete the content and reproduce and distribute or to in the media.

By posting the content, the users provide warranty to us that they have granted us the right over their content and we can use it in any way we can. The users have to agree with the terms that the communication done by them cannot become private and can be publicly displayed. has the right to review all the communication done by the users but it is not mandatory to monitor and edit all the things in the forum. The website can delete any content which its finds offensive or irrelevant.

Users have to agree to the terms which says that they cannot distribute, upload, or publish anything through the site for the following:

  • The distribution should not be for commercial use or advertisements, or selling goods and services.
  • The content should not be obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexually explicit, abusive, threatening.
  • The content should not be misleading information.
  • The content should not violate the rights of any third party nor should it slander or defame it.
  • The content should not cause injury to any person or entity.
  • The content should not infringe intellectual property rights.
  • The content should not violate any kind of laws and rules.
  • The content should not contain any viruses or malicious software or which destroys a computer or its functionality.
  • The content should not be fraudulent and users are not allowed to use any data of site visitors.

Product and Service Rankings

The information regarding the rankings of the agencies can be accessed easily by our users. The rankings are based on our recommendations but we suggest that the clients should also do a proper research regarding the SEO agency they have chosen. We will not be liable if a user chooses a SEO agency, which is not able to meet with their requirement.

We also are not liable for any comments statements, representations, opinions, etc. which are posted on our website. We provide rankings to the SEO companies but do not guarantee the rankings and their quality, integrity, and accuracy. The agency and its third party will not be liable for the rankings provided on the website. If a client faces any loss or damage due to the ranking of a SEO agency, we are not liable for it.

The rankings provided by us are independent and depends only on our opinion. They are based on our judgment, analysis, and subjective or objective criteria. There is no warranty about the accuracy or factual basis if the rankings. A client who uses our rankings should come to an agreement that the decision of selecting an SEO agency is their decision and not ours. They also have to agree that the decisions regarding the selection of an SEO agency can be based on our rankings. is an independent organization and it has no association with any administrative agency, non-profit organization, government authorities, non-profit organizations, or any private, subsidiary, or parent agency. This is the reason that there is no partiality when the evaluation regarding the SEO companies is performed. We evaluate the SEO companies at regular intervals but we do not own them so we cannot be held for any responsibility if a client faces loss due to the agency. We also do not have any affiliation with consumer union and our rankings, ratings, opinions, and directories are not based upon the decisions of consumer union.

Comments removal has the rights to remove, delete, modify, or alter any comments provided by the users for any reason. The website has reserved the rights of handling the information effectively so that misleading, inaccurate and defaming information can be removed from the website. The comments can be altered, modified, or deleted any time and users have to agree to the terms and conditions regarding the comments deletion or alteration.


The site helps the users to connect to a SEO agency to get their services but the site has no affiliation with any of these SEO agencies. The site is also not involved i9in the communications and transactions held between SEO agencies and their clients. The website is not responsible for the accuracy, legality, or postings done by the users. The website cannot verify the users as it is a difficult process so the identity of the users cannot be confirmed. The website cannot be held responsible for the background or abilities of the users. They have to be careful while making decision regarding the companies they are choosing. The website cannot be held responsible if a user faces any loss or damage due to the decision it has taken.

Account on the website

Users need to create an account in order to avail our services. Users have the responsibility of providing correct information so that we can provide the required services without any problems. If the data is not correct and users face a loss, the agency will not take the responsibility of the losses related to personal data or anything else. Users will also be responsible to take care of their login and password to keep their account safe. We will take necessary steps if a user finds unauthorized access to his account. He will have to inform us so that we can take the required action.

Leads Services

We help the clients in finding the best SEO agencies recommended by us and listed in our rankings. We do not guarantee any leads or sales conversion for any user/buyer/client.

Avail our services by agreeing to terms and conditions

Users have to agree to the terms and conditions, which are mentioned here in order to avail our services through our website.

Users must follow the privacy law to visit the SEO directory.

There are other limitations to browse our SEO directory, which the users have to be familiar with in order to visit the SEO directory.

Users will have to provide accurate information be it personal or professional in order to get excellent services without any interruption.

We provide various notices regularly, which the users must check in order to get the required services at a reasonable rate.

Things which users should never do

Here are the things which users should never do while accessing our website and posting content.

  • Users should not post harmful content on our website. Harmful content means the content that is tortuous, illegal, fraudulent, untrue, threatening, pornographic, etc.
  • Users are not allowed to post anything from the third parties, which include slogans, logos, seals, and other such things.
  • Users are not allowed to post anything, which violates our rules or creates disputes. If there is any complain, violation or dispute, we send emails to the user. It is mandatory for the user to reply the mail failing to which an action can be taken by us.
  • Users are not allowed to add any link to our website. If a user wants to do so, he has to take a written permission from us.
  • Users are not allowed to post any content that misleads other users.
  • We have the right terminating any account if we find regular violations or disputes.

We have the right of cancelling and terminating the account of a user if the violations of the terms and conditions are being done continuously.

Responsibility of the posted content

The content that a user posts is accessible on the World Wide Web and user has all the responsibility of the posted content. Here are the terms and conditions, which will be applied for the posted content.

  • Users should not post any fake or misleading content. If it is so, then user will be responsible for facing the difficulties.
  • The content posted by the users should not cause any copyright issue and should also not be against the terms of our agency.
  • If we find anything, which is unlawful, we will raise the dispute for the same.

Terms and conditions for fees

We charge a nominal fee for evaluating an SEO agency. We do analysis and perform research related to the rank of the website. If a user subscribe to our website, it is free for 12 months with basic subscription. The SEO agency has to pay monthly for increasing their ranks. The charging of fee depends upon standard fee of evaluation. We start the billing cycle from the day the SEO Agency makes payment and becomes service provider. If the agency or the user cancels the subscription, user will neither get any refund nor credit. The user’s billing ends when they cancel their subscription. If the same user wants to subscribe again, he has to pay additional charges. We do not provide any guarantee for the following to the users.

  • Top rankings
  • Sales
  • Any number of potential visitors
  • Any increased sales
  • Any number of prospects
  • Any specific number of leads conversion

License of the content

The content provided by the users belongs to us and we have the right to use it in any way we can. We also have the right to modify, edit, or delete the content. This will be done to execute our services easily. It means that after posting the content on our website, the users give us the license to use, edit, modify, or delete it.


If a user is using any link, we are not responsible if he faces any difficulty. He has to use the links at his own risk.

Information should be unique

The information provided by the user should be real and unique when he fills the registration form. If there are any changes in the information at a later date like address, mobile number, etc. They should update it as soon as possible. If we find any wrong information, we will deactivate the account.

No warranty or guarantee

The products and services provided on our website do not have any warranty or guarantee. After registration to our website, users can use it for posting content but we do not take any responsibility for the content or the communication done through our website. We are also not responsible for any damages if the agency faces loss after agreeing to provide its services to the user. If the agency provides a software to a user and faces loss, then also we are not responsible for the losses.

You can post any type of content on your website or communicate with your customers. But we are not responsible for the business relationship that you made with the client through our website.

We have the right of remove any SEO agency from the listing without any reason.

Intellectual property

We have the right to deactivate the user’s account if he violates the rules of copyright and infringes with the intellectual property of a third party.

Other rules

The users have to follow all the terms and conditions if they want to use our website. If we find any violation and get complains, we will investigate the situation and if we find that the allegations are correct, we can deactivate the account of the user.