Twitter is a place where every trend is on, no matter if it is pop culture, global news or digital marketing.

This social networking platform can be considered as one of the pioneers for all the digital marketing culture, then you could put social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, while MySpace… well, that’s just part of the past.

With over 326 million Twitter users, there is a good chance that a good amount of new customers are tweeting in this platform, and of course, you and your business may be looking for an RT or a like from these users.

So, you may be wondering, how can you reach more customers on Twitter? How?

Well don’t ask anymore because in CodeDesign we’ll offer 10 tips on how to use Twitter advertising.

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Evaluate your Twitter Account

First you have to know what is working on your account, for this you have to keep track of:

  • Best performing hashtags
  • Best performing tweets
  • Analyze your individual audience

When you audit your complete profile you get valuable information on the type of tweets your consumers like, with that on the table you can start to create a new strategy that fix perfectly with your audience preferences.

If you want to evaluate your Twitter account go to the settings options where you’ll find this statistics, set an interval of time to discover your data.

You can also find good information on Twitter Analytics.

Follow Like-minded users

In order to be big on Twitter, you have to follow those accounts that are a reference for your niche, the “Like-minded” accounts.

Following big companies of your niche and even your competitors can give you a good list of new customers, since their followers are looking for the same services you are providing, and it is a great idea for studying your competence.

Now this is great way to engage with users. If you see a tweet from another account that really resonates with your business values or services, go click retweet and you will start engaging organically with many more followers.

Create a good profile

So let’s start first by the visual aspect.

To decorate your Twitter profile you can put a cool visual of your logo on the background or the main colors that certificate your business, then, in the profile photo, set the main logo of your company, so everybody will know they have found your company.

Try to look for an easy to remember username, and also, something that is not so complicated to write.

Set all the important information on your bio, what is your company about? What you can offer? Some important goals you accomplish and the direct links to your other social accounts.   Include your physical location if you have one; you can also use “worldwide” or post a phone number.

Most of the time companies tend to use the three main social platforms: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Of course, all of this really depends on where your target audience is, but these may be the most popular for most business out there.

Now, your Twitter profile should be in tune with your other platforms, both visually and in content information. This is a key factor for your branding.

Use hashtags and top trends

Tweets with hashtags tend to get more likes and views, but this doesn’t mean that you are going to use all your 280 characters for hashtags, to do it right you have  to put them #intherightplace.

Hashtags allow reaching users who may not hear from you before, but they are looking for trends on your niche.

Another great idea that has been used by many companies is creating their own hashtag, and, if the hashtags is famous a retweeted enough, it can become into a #trend.

Source: Unsplash.

Don’t just sell, teach your audience

We know that our main goal is to sell our services, but, our audience is not only interested in our products, they want to know more deep information about our niche, so they can engage more with our company.

Don’t make your Twitter account an Amazon feed, it will make them feel that your twitter is just spam. Instead, talk about some cool information about what your services can do for customers, what are their origins, which brands use it and the list goes on.

When users engage with your content, they will be more likely to become new buyers.

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Share useful content

Like any social media feed, Twitter is full of alarming news, unmissable offers from large companies and the odd meme that will make you give RT without thinking.

So how do you stand out from all the content?

Well, as we said in the previous tip, the idea is to inform the public with information that only you can provide, data that immediately attracts attention as soon as they see the header of the tweet. To get the information your audience needs, you can look for trends in your niche, a basic SEO tactic.

Create Twitter list

With Twitter List you can organize a group of accounts to put them in different categories. This is helpful if you have different sub categories in your target audience, and want to see how all of them are interacting with your content.

Let’s take CodeDesign as an example. In a Twitter list we could do a list for SEO, Digital Marketing Agencies, email marketing and PPC advertising – pretty much like we do with our blog. With every category we can check out how and which followers interact more with every specific topic, and see how we can reach them to convert them into new customers.

Use Promoted Tweets

With Promoted tweets your posts can appear in the Twitters streams or search of specific users. This is useful if you are looking for new visits on a specific webpage. The only thing you have to do is pay a monthly fee for promoting this tweet.

Once you do this the platform will put your promoted tweet in a daily campaign for the specific audience you choose in your settings.

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Use Twitter Ads

If you are looking to grow your followers and brand awareness for your company, then Twitter ads is a great option for you. Every social media platform has its own ad option, and, if you are using different types to achieve your marketing goals, this is a great option for you.

What you have to do is decide between the audience you want to reach, once you have done this, find the objective you want to achieve, whether it is website conversions, app install or video views.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is an excellent platform for your business since it can help you in multiple purposes such as bringing more traffic to your website, generating conversations with your audience and getting more conversions.

The proper functioning of your social media strategy depends on you managing them all properly, and with these 10 tips at least you can already increase your followers in this social network of the blue bird.

Give us a RT in the comments and drop us a comment about your experience with this social network.

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