People want to look good; they want to look healthy!

That’s where skincare products come to a place, giving a solution to people all around the world to keep their faces bright and clean, de-age their faces or protect their bodies from the sun.

According to Research and Markets article, the global skincare products market was valued at USD 140.92 billion in 2020, and studies show that it will grow at a CAGR of 4.69% in 2020-2026.

COVID-19 pandemic did a lot of damage for many sectors worldwide, but luckily for the skincare business, everything was different. Sales of skin care products in online outlets escalated during the pandemic, like the case of Zalando, Europe’s fashion and lifestyle e-commerce, a company that experienced an augmentation of 300% of skin, nail and hair care products during last year.

According to Statista, among the list of the countries with the most consumers of skincare products, we have:

United States: USD 19.922 million

  • Japan: USD 19,476 million
  • China: USD 16,731 million
  • South Korea: USD 8,065 million
  • India: USD 7,652 million

Taking advantage of the growing awareness of skincare, you may want to take advantage of this trend to sell your skincare products on Amazon. That is why here we will offer you five ideas to make your store stand out from the rest.

But first, you can visit the store of one of our successful clients, DrGl, who sell a wide variety of quality products such as anti-hair-loss shampoos, makeup remover, cleansers, among others.

Now, let’s go back to the ideas!

Get Approved to sell

Amazon has a massive list of products that need a list of requirements to sell, and beauty and health cosmetics are in this category. Since your products will stay in contact with customers’ skin, Amazon needs to verify if your products are well formulated and regulated, all this to keep customers safe and to maintain its reputation clean.

While the beauty and health category is now ungated, some subcategories like topical products (lotion or makeup) have some restrictions for selling. But don’t worry. You just need to pass through these verification steps:

  • Provide that your brand is registered in FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or the
    EU Cosmetics Regulation.
  • Deliver an invoice from the last 180 days.
  • Provide your Good Manufacturing Practices certificate
  • Test your products for safety and provide a Certificate of Analysis.

While skincare manufacturers aren’t strictly required to register with the FDA, it is the best option to sell on Amazon instead of your shop. Once you get your registration done, the next step is to:

  •  Go to your Seller Central account and click “Add a Product.”
  • Search for the item you’re selling.
  •  If the item is restricted, click on “Listing Limitations Apply.”
  •  Continue to “Request Approval” and submit the FDA registration document or any other documents it asks for.

Source: YouTube.

Create Skin Care video routines

There is no better way to test the effectiveness and quality of your products than through videos in which you show their benefits and how to use them.

When someone buys an anti-wrinkle cream or blackhead cleanser, people want to have the experience of projecting themselves onto someone who has already tried it, and it has worked for them. In this way, the person feels that you are the right person to solve their dermatological problems and will not hesitate to buy your products.
Ideas for videos we have several:

Morning or evening facial care routines.

How do your products work? Tutorials on how to use them?

An excellent idea for a video that promotes your products is one of the typical glow-ups that we see on social networks. By looking for a person who has acne problems and documenting their treatment with your products, people will be moved by this customer’s entire journey of overcoming, causing them to consider your product without thinking. Remember that in marketing, we do not sell the features or specific products that we use to create the creams. What sells is to reach the feelings of the consumers.

Source: YouTube.

Take an omnichannel approach.

Once you have a good content strategy, it is time to expand it throughout your arsenal of social channels.


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