SEO is an ever changing and vast landscape, one that requires constant learning, altering and attention to detail. We have put together these Top 5 SEO Tips for 2021.

  1. Optimize Core Web Vitals

May 2021 marks core web vitals being introduced into the algorithm. Your score in these three categories are going to influence your ranking. Google has said that it will be your score across all of them. These new standards are for evaluating the quality of the user’s experience. Google lighthouse, Google Page speed and GTmetrix to name a few, we always say, use your tools and this instance is no different. Use a number of tools

Focus on these points:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)
  • First Input Delay (FID)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)All three of these can lead to an undesirable user experience and an equally undesirable ranking if they are not optimised. Take all of the information possible to gauge your position and then from there begin to set yourself tasks for improvement as soon as possible as it is a marathon not a sprint and Google are looking for long term improvements.

2. Double Down on Backlinks

Google has shown us in its last core algorithm updates that it still cares alot about authority. So what Google wants, Google gets, as it is beneficial for a business, so put time into your backlinks, get links from authoritative websites. Try to get published in news articles, digital PR using well-researched, statistical based content pieces are the key to improving authority. There are many services that can help you with backlinks, including us.

3. Double Down on Content

You have better links, better content, better technical SEO, but they are ranking higher than you. Frustrating? Yes, but just go and quickly see how many pages that website has and then check to see how much internal linking they have to the pages that you are competing on. When you have a huge website that is focused around a particular topic, Google starts to consider you to be an authority on that topic Topical relevance. How do you combat this? Basically, make a bigger website. If you are struggling for content, make sure you reach out for content creation, there are an abundance of resources available to you that can aid in your content creation quest.

4. Focus on Bounce Rates

Focus on your user metrics, particularly your bounce rate. When a user clicks on your page and then immediately bounces (clicks) back out to the search results page, chances are it is because they didn’t like what they saw. Typically this will signify that the user did not find what they were looking for, they did not get the answer they were looking for and they had to go back to the drawing board (search results page) and you have lost your potential business. Google will start paying attention to this the more that it happens. They compete with social platforms and they know that in order to keep people on their platform, they have to create an amazing user experience. So work on your content, get the search intent right and get that bounce rate low. Give the answer sooner rather than later, or they will go to another website that does have what they want.

5. Be a Brand

There are millions of websites launched every single day, how do you stand out amongst the millions? Make sure that you look like a real business. So what steps do you take to make yourself the most presentable?

Focus on your ‘About Us’ page, introduce the team, the faces behind the business, they make it real and relatable. Have multiple ways of contacting you through the website. Multiple emails for different departments at this business, a phone number, an address. Think about it, the ultimate goal for a business is to give you multiple ways to contact you so they can do business with you.

If the people are coming to you, they are searching for something, it is highly unlikely they have just stumbled upon your page, chances are they require a product or a solution. They have intent, your optimisations and following these simple steps, are the steps towards benefitting from that search intent through converting it to a sale.


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