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Decades ago, Charles Darwin presented his popularly acclaimed theory ‘Survival of the Fittest’. According to the principles by which this theory operated, it was theorised that only those species deemed fit to survive and reproduce and thus contribute to the Earth, would live while other weaker species would perish. 


The same principle applies to SEO articles. 


When you think of SEO, what is the very first thing that comes into your mind? 


For me, it was long-form articles which were around 4k words with keywords filled through the article. 


However, I always had trouble figuring out how to get set with even thinking about an article that was so long. How do people write articles that cross a thousand words and still manage to make it deep and meaningful?


That is what Quint Digital taught me. A shining beacon of light and hope from a legitimate and honest digital marketing company Australia 

A digital marketing company in Australia that knows their stuff!


SEO: Search Engine Optimisation has everything to do with keywords. The Google bot skims through the scores of articles on the web and brings to the top of the results page only those articles that suit the customers’ needs best. 


Since Google bot does not have a brain (at least until 2021), the guiding light for it to come up with a winner is keywords. An article that has the best fit of keywords and a high SEO score is declared the winner. 


Hence how does a business ensure that the Google bot favours them?

This SEO Company in Australia has a strategy


Quint Digital – a premier digital agency in Melbourne caters to SEO Ballarat, SEO targets in Melbourne and if you are in search of an SEO agency Townsville, they should be your first preference. 


Simply writing long-form articles and trying to gain the maximum followers is not their strategy. Instead, it is:


  • Keyword research in order to know what the market looks for 

  • Using long-tailed keywords helps you get a more focused audience 

  • Using subheadings that manage to incorporate these keywords


To find an SEO Company Melbourne that knows the secrets of the search engine helps immensely in directing traffic to your site. 


SEO is one aspect where Quint Digital was able to help. Another was with my ads. They’re truly a complete package… a wonderful digital agency Melbourne!


Here is my observation: I was putting in lakhs into advertisements. But the return on investment was not that great at all. I was suffering a loss. 


The solution: PPC advertising from a leading PPC agency Melbourne


A PPC Agency in Melbourne that knows the tricks of the trade


Once again, Quint Digital was the star of the show. For those of you who are unfamiliar with PPC advertising, it is paying per click. Thus, when a customer clicks on your ad only then do you need to pay Google. 


Tit for tat. A reliable SEO company in Australia that gives you just that! 


Three things happened as a result of this:


  • The return on investment was great.

  • Instead of going into a downward spiral and losing money, now I was only paying for the leads I got.

  • The leads grew into loyal customers who still keep coming to my website to avail of services. 


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