Your Voice Matters

What we “sound” like is as important as what we look like.
How we talk about what we do is as important as what we do or how we showcase our work. I would say 99% of all my clients have a difficult time writing about their products and services. Getting copywriting help is one of their most common requests. 
And I get it, I was there, I was an inarticulate designer. I could design my way out of a paper bag, there was nothing I loved doing more than creating brands for businesses. I could write copy for them – no problem, but when it came to writing about my business – I stumbled trying to find my own brand voice. And then I started studying copywriters.
I’m smitten with how Floral Designer – Phillipa Craddock – talks about her business
“Established in 2009, we work globally with brands and individuals, designing floral installations for campaigns, projects, weddings and private events.  We are known for our discretion and warmth, working closely with each of our clients and we take enormous pride in our testimonials, which reflect our personal approach and level of creativity.”
I am always in awe of designers who are able to describe themselves, their team and their services in a way that feels so inviting, kind and warm. I’m inspired to be better when I stumble on designers like British Floral Designer Phillipa Craddock.
Uncovering Your Authentic Brand Voice
Staying True to Who You Are
The best brand voices come through authentically.But where does this authenticity come from? What qualifies as an authentic brand voice?
I have a colleague who is brash and forthright. She uses curse words when she writes about her business and services. Some people love it, some people hate it, but every single person gets a full picture of who she is and what their experience will be like when they work with her.
In my professional opinion, it comes from truly understanding who your client is. Once you clearly know who you’re talking to or writing to, it is easier to find the words you need to describe why they would love to work with you.
It’s one thing to understand your audience and what they need from you, it’s another thing to write expressively to convey your message. How do you cultivate the tone of your brand voice?
It’s Critical to Your Client’s First Impression
Helping Your Ideal Client Trust You
Being able to clearly define and articulate your brand voice is critical to establishing a rapport with your clients. As designers, we understand that our first impression is based on how something looks AND on how a visual brand story reads. We quickly categorize the visual message and either dismiss it or we investigate further.
Your clients do the same thing. If you do not clearly define your business and services in an appealing manner, many clients will turn away because they are either intimidated by what they are seeing or worse, think you’re not up for the job.
Bad First Impression Are Hard to Erase
Which is why their first impression of your brand should be absolutely on point. If you want to be seen as a leader in your category, your branding should be authentic to you and the types of clients you want to work with.
The fastest way to uncover your brand voice is to start writing. You’re going to feel stiff and inarticulate but slowly you’re going to get more comfortable in the process. Before you know it, you will find it can be almost as creative as our traditional creative work.


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