A few weeks back, I was browsing through websites looking for a personalized mug for my daughter. (Now watch the power of having a web design agency in Melbourne handling your website.)


I typed in ‘personalized mugs in Melbourne’ and courtesy of Google a million possible search results popped up and as a customer, all I had to do was choose the top ones. See that?

The customer notion


I’ll repeat what I said, “As a customer, all I had to do was choose the top ones.” This meant that as a customer I believed that the websites on the top were the best, the ones below the top three were not bad and the ones below this, well why to bother checking them out.


Do you feel the same?


Hence the common notion is that for your website to be perceived as the best it should appear on the top or at least on the first page of the search results.

Do you think a business has more potential after availing web development services in Melbourne


This brings us to the question of whether a business is really determined by its ranking on the search results page.


I decided to test this theory of mine of the position on the results page versus the performance of the business. I moved further down the results list of the Google search. And lo and behold, there I found a website of a friend of mine who deals in this business.


I decided to check him out and his stuff was great!


So is the theory wrong? Does ranking mean nothing? 


As I later realized, it does.


An eCommerce website design Melbourne matters more than you know. 

The friend approached a web designing company in Melbourne


As a good friend, I recommended to my buddy that if his website isn’t a top ranking one, no matter how great the business it won’t attract consumers. He took my advice and decided to approach an eCommerce web development firm in Melbourne – Quint Digital


This digital marketing agency in Melbourne has helped countless businesses climb steadily up the ladder of great businesses and now they were set to help my friend!

What did the web development company in Melbourne do for my bud?


Quint Digital is a web design agency in Melbourne that made a difference to the website by resorting to non-conventional ways instead of the usual. 


  • They have a phenomenal backend website development team that handles the websites and the connected databases manages the web applications behind-the-scene and delivers efficiently to the user.

  • The web designing company in Melbourne has a great frontend team too that does an amazing job of working on the codes and languages of the website that the user can interact with directly. 

  • The page loading speed was drastically reduced. That is a factor that determines a ranking of a page in the search results. 

  • This web design company in Melbourne revamped the aesthetic appeal of the site. I mean c’mon! It’s an online shopping site and Quint Digital put the pep back into the peppiness of the website design. 

  • The internal navigation was pretty smooth, and there was no bumpy transition while browsing between the products. 

  • Keywords were used wisely. The word ‘customised mugs in Melbourne’ was focused on and strategically spaced multiple times through the site. 

  • They offered him an eCommerce web design in Melbourne that took care of secure payment gateways and solved every bug.




They aced it!

Has eCommerce web development in Melbourne been this simple?


No, it has not. Web development might sound fun and games, but it boils down to how well-versed the agency really is in this field. 


You may be wondering why I (and not my friend) am writing this and am all praise for Quint Digital. 


Well, my buddy is too busy. 

His website has now reached the first five ranks in the search results and his business is better than ever! All with the assistance of these web development services in Melbourne.

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What about you?

Are you settling for an okay website or are you working with the best? My advice: Learn from my buddy, and drop everything. Reach out to Quint Digital today.