Being a business owner is tough!


If the business is booming you feel like you are juggling several balls at a time while balancing a plate on a stick on your nose.


Amid all this, we hardly get any time to focus on the online presence of our business and do SEO marketing Melbourne.


So what does one do? 


Hire external help. 


But who? Should you pick amid freelancers or professional SEO agencies Melbourne?


The choice you make depends upon your business size, its requirements and your personal preferences.


In this blog, I will share my business journey and how I finally found my answers and hired Quint Digital as an SEO agency in Brisbane

Here’s why do you need Professional SEO Marketing Melbourne


When I started a small business initially it grew like anything. Within a couple of months, I was already reeling in money. I was not really planning on getting into business but since it was growing… and who does not love money? So I decided to take it to the next step!


I decided to build a website to expand my business.


I hired a freelancer to build a single page website for my small business as that seemed simpler than hiring a whole agency. 


I thought that’s all one needs to do, build a website! But I realised that something was wrong when the business started to feel saturated… I was still getting the same numbers of customers as before.


Was my website not working?


I asked the freelancer why my website was not getting any customers… He simply swamped me with some marketing jargons and I ended up more confused than I was.


Since there was no legal contract, I did not have the option to take any legal action against him.


I firmly believe there are good freelancers out there but it is too much of a risk.

Quint Digital: Dream Marketing Agency for businesses of every size


The biggest advantage of hiring an agency is that you hire a whole set of skills!


A freelancer, no matter how proficient, cannot be skilled at all of them. 


After taking recommendations from some of my corporate friends I decided to give a shot to a digital marketing agency Quint Digital. I contacted them over call to discuss the possible marketing strategies and eventually hired them.


At first, they had a look at my current website and deemed it unfit (no surprises there). It needed a lot of work to bring it to a respectable level.


Quint Digital started with developing a marketing strategy tailored to my business. They sat down with me to explain the strategy they had planned.


Remember all those marketing jargons?


They sounded really simple when they came out of their mouth.


Within a couple of months, my website started to swamp with customers. Their SEO strategy had started to produce results and I was getting more traffic than ever.


Along with organic SEO marketing, they also ran PPC campaigns for my business…




Let’s just say that Quint Digital is the best PPC agency in Manchester or anywhere around Australia.


I am writing this blog after 6 months of hiring digital marketing agency Quint Digital. In 6 months, I have experienced more growth in the business than I ever did with my previous freelancer. And this growth is only to increase exponentially.


Like I said before, not all freelancers are bad…


Quint Digital I just way more productive and reliable!

Feel free to contact Quint Digital to discuss marketing strategies for your strategy.

About the author:

At Quint Digital, we put your business needs first. With the commitment to spend efficient hours working on developing services that benefit your business, our team of experts provides effective solutions that can (fail-safe) monetize your business. Our approach is breakthrough creative and backed with genuine strategies that will give your business an edge over others.