1.Some of the initial checks that you can make to rule out possible cause for the printer offline issues:

·Unplug the power cord from the rear end of the printer and also from the electrical outlet. Do the same with the cables that connect printer to the computer.

·Ensure that the cable is not disconnected or damaged, if using a USB cable.

·Take a minute and then reconnect all the cables and cords. Then turn on the printer and restart the computer.

·Check if the printer is working by trying to print something.

2.If your printer is connected over a WIRELESS NETWORK,

·Check if it’s still on the network.

·Turn the wifi off on both router and printer, wait for some time, then switch it on. Check if the connection is re-established between printer and computer.

·Check if the router and the printer are on the same network.

3.You can try window troubleshooting tool for finding out and resolving the reason behind the printer offline error.

·Enter windows key +I for opening settings. Click Devices -> printers and scanners option. Select the troubleshooting option (under related settings in the menu option) to launch it.

·Now, wait for sometime until the troubleshooter opens and encounters the problems, andtells you the steps to resolve them.

Solution 4-

·Search windows for devices then choose Devices and Printers from the list.

·Right-click on the icon that represents your printer from the device’s list and choosesSee What’s Printing option from the drop-down menu.

·Choose the printer. Untickif there’s a checkmark next to Use Printer Offline. In the same menu, cancel any print job in that queue.

·Deselect if the PAUSE PRINTING is marked (in the same settings menu). Now check if the trouble is gone by printing something.

Solution 5:

·Open control panel-> printers and devices icon.

·Right-click on the printer icon, then choose properties.

·Go to the Portstab, then select ADD PORT.

·Choose the standard TCP/IP port, then select NEW PORT.

·Type the IP ADDRESS of the printer. Select NEXT->FINISH.

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