While promoting your product on Facebook, have you thought that why no one is taking interest in your product and on-one is talking to you? One of the most difficult questions is, “why people are not talking to me?”

If you’re not observing Facebook engagement and optimizing social channels as much you’re looking for, the culprit might be one of these reasons: 

1. You are not provoking them to respond – Initiate your audience to talk by posting appealing statuses that bag your fan to join in conversation. For example trough few puzzle between audience to solve and comment.

2. Might be, you are not interesting – Producing an interest into audience about your product is tricky task. Think, whatever you are sharing is interesting or not. If, not try some efforts to make it interesting – add some cartoons, entertaining lines etc.

3. They don’t know about you – Add proper information about you and your product, It is might be possible that you are appearing as a stranger and people are not like to interact with new people.

4. You are walking at wrong way – It is possible that you are promoting at wrong way. Check out your audience and ask yourself that, “is it your customers?”
5. You are posting at wrong time – The most important thing is time! People only prefer to interact with current stuff. When you are posting stuff and no-one is online to watch is garbage.

6. Because your fans are not on Facebook- Facebook is great place for business promotions but not for all business. For B2C communities it is a great place to communicate with customers but for B2B communities it is not a correct place. B2B business builds with forums, chartroom and professional community channels.

7. You are not serving right things – Mostly people looks for discounts and promo-codes. If you will tell them about your business they won’t show interest but if you add spices of promo-code, they defiantly look up to you.

8. You are not in the conversions – once people like and comment to your post, make sure you nurture those seeds. Answer questions, reply to comments and encourage others within your company to get involved once in a while using their own accounts.

9. You are not systematic – if you are not regular on Facebook your social appearance disappears. To highlight you it is important to post on regular bases.

10. Because it is all about you – If you are advertising you only, people bore with your stuff and start ignore you. Engage people with latest news, updates and other interesting information to update people.

To earn maximum audience from Facebook business page, optimize page according to above parameter and correct the things which are resisting audience path towards your business.