Custom websites are great for businesses of all types and sizes as they allow for more personalized interaction with internet users. But, before the launch of a custom website, there are a few steps you can expect to go through as a client of a website design firm. At Dsquared Media, we’re the experts in creating customized websites for our clients. And, provide a straightforward approach when it comes to the custom website design process. Here’s what you can expect:

Step One: Innovation & Discovery

The first step of the custom website design process is to get to know your brand, your needs, and your desires for your online presence. During this stage, we’ll ask you a number of questions to gain information about your brand and insight about what kind of website you’ll need including:

  • who’s your target audience?
  • are there any competitor websites you like?
  • do you already have a website?
  • what are your goals for lead conversion?
  • are you wanting to rank locally or internationally?
  • what kind of information do you want to be shown to people who land on your website?

Answering these questions can give us the data we need to determine what kind of website you’ll need, the kind of vision you have for your website, and how your website will operate.

Step Two: Groundwork

Once we get to know more about your brand and your website needs/goals, we can start planning for the design of your website. This will include mapping out the navigation of your site, the pages on the site, determining what content that needs creation, what types of features you’ll want to include, how to select pictures or videos for your website, and more! Once we have a solid foundation for the groundwork on your website, we’ll go over this plan with you to determine we’re on the same page.

Step Three: Initial Design

After the groundwork is complete and we’ve got a solid foundation for the plan of your website, we’ll work to create the design for your site. This is the process of creating the look of your website, placing where information and images will be held, and determining the exact function of your website. Here at Dsquared Media, we pride ourselves on our creative design, making every website we build a unique and brand-driven experience.

Step Four: Developing Your Website

After the design, development is where the design meets function. Every design element needs to be coded in order to function. So, after designing your website, we’ll send you screenshots of the initial design, which will show you how your website will look. But, without development, you won’t be able to click to lead you to other pages or utilize any of the moving parts of your website. After you give any edits for the design of your website, the development stage can begin to really bring your site to life!

Step Five: Launch & Optimization

Once the design and development of your custom website are complete, your website can go live! This is when your website will be put on the world-wide-web. And, can begin to start ranking for industry-related terms on search engines like Google. Once launched, we’ll start to optimize your website for the best SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. And, configure all the functionality to ensure that your website is working perfectly!
Step Six: Ongoing Maintenance
Launching your website isn’t the end of the process! All websites need ongoing maintenance to ensure that the data of the website is never lost. Viruses and malware are always a danger to websites on the internet. But, with the ongoing maintenance of custom websites, included in the price of custom websites from Dsquared Media, you never have to worry about losing your website or website rankings!

About the author:

Dsquared Media began as a college project in 2012, and in the short time since has grown into an industry leader in digital media and internet marketing. With a firm belief that the fusion of creativity and technology must be at the core of any advertising campaign, we seek to bridge the gap between design and marketing. Dsquared Media has grown from a local pet project into a national firm, with a portfolio that includes a diverse range of companies throughout the country.