If you’ve ever heard of SEO or search engine optimization, you know how important it is for a business’s online presence. Essentially, SEO is what helps websites to rank for specific keywords, getting them higher on search engine results. So, when people search for goods or services on sites like Google, businesses that utilize SEO are more likely to be at the top of these searches. Thus, resulting in more business coming in through the business website. While there are a number of things that go into an SEO approach, link-building strategies are an important part of how SEO is successful.

What is Link Building and how Does it Help With SEO Practices?

Search engine sites like Google use algorithms to crawl or check sites to determine whether or not they’re relevant to a certain search. And, whether they’re credible sources of information. Links help to show search engines that websites are both relevant to a specific search and credibility.

With links using anchored keyword text, search engines can easily and quickly identify that an article or webpage is giving information that’s relevant and useful for someone who’s searching. Furthermore, when trustworthy websites link to a website, this also lets search engines determine that a website is trustworthy itself. Therefore, link-building strategies are crucial in SEO practices if one wishes to rank higher on search engine results.

Link Building Helps Bring People to Your Website

It’s one thing to get more people to your website. But, link building goes even further than that – it brings people to your website who are actually interested in what your business has to offer. This not only gives your website more chances to convert users into customers, but it also helps to spread the awareness of your brand. Therefore, increasing the likelihood of people who have visited your website to tell others about your goods or services. Thus, making link building not only good for bringing in traffic but also to improve the value of your brand across the internet.

Good Link Building Offers SEO Longevity

There’s something to be said about the sustainability of link-building techniques. Sure, getting quality links is hard and can be a grueling process (not to mention expensive), but once you’ve obtained high-quality links, the benefit of them is only going to increase with time. This is what makes link building one of the most important aspects of SEO. Once a link is posted, chances are, that link is going to be on the internet for many years. Therefore, providing your website with helpful ‘SEO juice’ for the foreseeable future. So, while building links may be a challenge, it’s certainly one that’s worth the endeavor when you think of longevity and sustainability.

Beware of Black-Hat Marketers

There are many companies who will promise link building for low prices but when you invest, you find that your website never climbs the ‘search engine ladder’. It’s important that while you understand the importance of link building, you also understand the importance of good link-building techniques. Companies that use dated or irrelevant practices to obtain low-quality links are known as black-hat companies. Not only do these companies use tactics that don’t allow for sustainable, high-quality links, but they use tactics that are now identifiable by search engines like Google. And, can be flagged, leading to permanent flagging of websites and the inability to ever rank for industry-related key terms again.

Dsquared Media Uses White-Hat Link Building Techniques

While black-hat marketers use dated and nonintegrable approaches to gain low-quality links, white-hat companies do the opposite. Dsquared Media is proud to utilize only the building link approaches which are approved and effective according to popular search engines, especially Google.

About the author:

Dsquared Media began as a college project in 2012, and in the short time since has grown into an industry leader in digital media and internet marketing. With a firm belief that the fusion of creativity and technology must be at the core of any advertising campaign, we seek to bridge the gap between design and marketing. Dsquared Media has grown from a local pet project into a national firm, with a portfolio that includes across a diverse range of companies throughout the country.