First impressions are huge. It is very important to leave a good first impression, especially when meeting a new potential client. Professional window signage can play a huge role on a first impression. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. When walking into an office building, would you want to see a boring office with no decoration and no spark?

No, of course you would not. You want to be blown away by the window signage when walking up to the building. You want to see an edgy, well designed office that is rich in culture. People make financial decisions based on how they feel. Make them feel like they are being taken care of. A well designed window sign can make a long lasting first impression.

Window signage serves more than one purpose. People don’t have to have an appointment, or be walking into your office to be impressioned by window signage. Think of how many people drive by your office every day. How many people walk by your office every day? How many people are exposed to your window signage in one way or another? The answer is thousands of people. Window signage is a cheaper version of a billboard advertisement. Not to mention, what better way to market a business then to put window signage on your car? This will expose your website and logo to thousands and thousands of people a year.

The fact of the matter is that window signage is a cheap and easy way to promote your business and build your brand. Window signage serves as a signal and a landmark to an office location. It serves and a means to advertise, both from your office building and also from the window of a car. Its cheap, easy and worth every penny.


About the author:

Dsquared Media began as a college project in 2012, and in the short time since has grown into an industry leader in digital media and internet marketing. With a firm belief that the fusion of creativity and technology must be at the core of any advertising campaign, we seek to bridge the gap between design and marketing. Dsquared Media has grown from a local pet-project into a national firm, with a portfolio that includes across a diverse range of companies throughout the country.