Top Social Media Marketing Firms in Canada

Last Updated: JUN 16, 2024

Brand & Mortar Toronto, Canada

Brand & Mortar established in 2011 and headquartered in Toronto, Canada. During these years of operation, we have worked alongside partners in all sectors and verticals. B&M is a full-service...

    SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Web Development, PPC

SEOBANK Kingsville, Canada

Our proven digital marketing strategies will help to grow your online presence. We are growth experts. SEOBank is the leading digital marketing agency in Windsor providing a wide array of...

    SEO, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Web Development

Designo Graphy Calgary, Canada

Designo Graphy is a reputable Canadian digital agency. From web development to software development services, SEO, and AR/VR project development, we offer a wide range of services to our valuable...

    SEO, Web Design, PPC, Web Development, Ecommerce SEO

Mrkt360 Concord, Canada

Mrkt360 is a Elite Google Partner marketing agency uniquely capable of bringing companies and consumers together through the seamless combination of advanced technologies, strategic design principles, and distinctive delivery models....

    SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, PPC, Social Media Marketing

Morphio Toronto, Canada

Dissect your Competitors' SEO Strategies Morphio's AI monitors your top 10 competitors on a weekly basis across 50 keywords. SEO Anomaly alerts are based on SERP variance and include automated...

    SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, SEO Software, PPC

Growth Kolony is Toronto's first growth hacking marketing agency. Our advanced marketing strategies and tools are light years ahead of the business world and your competition, which helps us take...

    SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing

Social Media 55 Montreal, Canada

Social Media 55 is an award winning full service digital marketing agency with years of experience.  We offer social media marketing, social media paid advertising,  pay per click advertising, SEO, ...

    SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Web Development

A full-service creative firm, Fourth of August Creative provides digital solutions by helping companies define, design, launch, and grow memorable digital experiences; bringing brands to life and breathing life and...

    SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing

BrandLume Toronto, Canada

BrandLume is the Amazon of Agencies | A global online shop for all Digital Marketing, Branding & Website services| Enjoy Up-front Wholesale Prices + No Long-term Contracts | Powering 6400...

    SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing

The Story Toronto, Canada

The Story provides marketing focused web development. This means that we have general or expert knowledge across the spectrum of marketing related to web development. We believe in taking the...

    SEO, Web Design, Digital Marketing, PPC, Social Media Marketing
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With the explosion of social media, many businesses are tapping into this new realm of marketing as it offers them a low-cost platform to reach new audiences and connect with their current customers in new ways. Many people have benefited from working with social media marketing firms that specialize in this aspect of marketing, so if you’re looking to do the same, here are the top social media marketing firms in Canada to help you get started.


It’s no secret that social media has become the go-to platform for marketing any business online. According to statistics, 80% of online Canadians used social media in 2018, and that number keeps growing with every passing year. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level with your online presence, you need expert social media marketing firms on your side. This list will point you in the right direction when it comes to choosing which of these firms are right for you.


You’ve heard it a million times—but it’s worth repeating. Building your brand is key to marketing yourself as a social media expert and attracting clients. But what is a brand? A brand is everything that you are, all of your skills and abilities boiled down into one image. So when someone sees that image, they know exactly who you are and what you do without any additional information. Sounds easy, right? It’s not—but there are some simple ways to make sure people know who you are (and what you can do) when they look at your social media profile: Include keywords on your profile: including keywords from your industry helps establish expertise with search engines but more importantly helps potential clients find you.


When deciding whether or not to hire a social media marketing agency in Canada, it's important to keep in mind that social media platforms change frequently and are also extremely dynamic. This means your strategy for engaging with customers should be constantly evolving as well. Luckily, selecting a social media agency can be done with some forethought and research. Ask yourself these four questions: 1) Do you need assistance learning how to use social media?; 2) Are you overwhelmed by information overload on multiple platforms?; 3) Are you confident using one platform but don't have time to expand into others?; 4) Do you have a budget that allows for an investment in marketing services? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then hiring a social media firm may be right for your business.


Even before you start creating a social media marketing strategy, it’s important to get an idea of your goals. It can be anything from getting more website traffic to building your email list to winning over new customers. Whatever those goals are, write them down and figure out how social media can help you achieve them. The clearer you are about what you want and why, on both a high-level and granular level, the easier it will be for you to map out your plan and put together a strategy that will be most effective for your business. For example, if you want to drive more traffic through Facebook ads but don’t know why—is it because it’s cheaper than Google AdWords?